What are some best hair care tips for monsoon?

Good, healthy hair enhances not just your appearance but boosts your confidence. Whether you have beautiful long locks or pretty small cut, if your hair is healthy, then everything seems wonderful. If you are still unaware of what makes your hair look dull or how you should take proper care of them, then here we list you 15 timeless hair care tips that can of the real wonders. So, have a quick glance at these timeless and imperative hair care tips !

1. Stop washing your hair every day

Your hair secrets natural moisture and oil and if you wash them daily then this could strip the natural oil from your hair. Wash your hair every other day if you are going out and lots of physical exercises.

Otherwise, even washing after a gap of 2 days will work fine for your hair. Maintaining a proper washing regimen is the key to getting gorgeous locks!

2. Use Rich Shampoo, Even if you have to Spend Few More Bucks

There are different types of hair and an appropriate shampoo rich in various ingredients can work wonders to keep your locks healthy and lustrous.

Also, follow the tip of performing a hot oil massage half an hour before shampooing as this will help to maintain the natural pH balance of your hair.

3. An Egg Mask is Really Awesome

If you add egg mask to your hair care regimen, then you are simply bringing one of the richest goodness to your hair.

Egg whites are great to moisturize hair and can get you rid of brittle and frizzy hair. You can apply an egg white mask 30 minutes before washing your hair. It is the most effective way to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

4. Check for Water Temperature

You can use warm, cold, or even slightly hot water to wash your hair, but remember that the last wash of conditioner must be done with cold water only.

Cold water wash ensures that your hair moisture stays locked in and even prevents your tresses from drying out.

5. Apply Conditioner the Right Way

Conditioners are ideal to smooth the hair ends and therefore you must apply them two inches below the scalp. If you will apply them on the roots, then this will make your hair greasy and flat.

Also, always wash conditioner with cold water and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing it well.

6. Gently Comb Your Hair with Wide-Toothed Comb

If you do not want your hair strands to get damaged and want to avoid experiencing the problem of split ends and breakages, then you should always use the wide-tooth comb.

7. Handle with Care Your Wet Hair

Wet hair is prone to damages, which you should treat with utmost care. Therefore, it is essential that you always use sparingly styling products on dry hair.

Hair styling tools, like brushes, curling irons, hair ties, and flat irons, should not be used on wet hair.

8. Limit Blow-Drying to Once or Twice a Week

This might seem tough to you, especially when you are an office or college going person, but if you want your hair to be healthy, then you must limit the blow drying time to eleven or twice a week.

Even towel drying your hair can be damaging too. Hence, it is essential that you follow air drying process. This will even prevent the hair cuticles from damaging and avoiding the occurrence of split ends.

9. Use Professional Heat Styling Products

Use heat styling products only when they are necessary. Heat dries out the natural moisture from hair and excessive use of such products can result in a lasting damage.

Moreover, use only tourmaline and ceramic professional styling tools. These might be a little pricey, but they will prevent any damage from occurring.

10. Keep the Styling Minimum

You should be fond of styling your hair, but the excessive styling is again not a good thing for your hair.

Hair styling products are rich in chemicals. They may help your hair look better in the short-run, but they are not good in the long run. Most importantly, always pick hairstyles that can keep your tresses under control, like braids, ponytails secured with knotted elastic hair bands.

11. Prepare Your Locks for Different Weathers

Weatherproofing your hair is very important. Our hair reacts differently to different weathers. Sun can damage your hair while winters can make them dry. So, please provide your hair care and maintenance as per different weather conditions.

12. Develop a Night Care Routine

Just like a skincare routine, it is essential to develop a proper night time hair care routine. Brush your hair gently and tie them loose in a ponytail before you go to bed.

A loose ponytail will prevent hair fall and also keep your hair tangle free.

13. Go for a Weekly Hot Oil Massage

A weekly hot oil massage is a must. You can even develop a habit of oiling your hair before every shampoo wash.

If you have oily hair then you can rest the oil for 30 minutes to one hour before the wash. For dry hair and overnight oil, massage will work best.

14. Keep a Check on Your Diet

Consuming food rich in vitamin B12, minerals, and vitamins is a way to boost hair growth.

You must consume lots of proteins and fibers to keep your hair healthy and keep all types of hair problems at bay.

15. Avoid Any Kind of Stress

Stress can hamper your skin but even your hair. Therefore, it is essential that you avoid taking too much stress. Practicing de-stress activities on a daily basis can help you keep your hair healthy and lustrous.

These are the top 15 hair care tips that are easy to follow but deliver just awesome results. So, wait no more! Just include them in your daily hair care routine and enjoy flaunting gorgeous hair throughout the year.

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